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SEQUITUR InGPS TDOA Demo(**) allows you to setup your RTLS (both indoor and outdoor) for localizing your Raspberry Pi equipped with the SEQUITUR Pi boards.

(*)  For extra-EU countries and intra-EU companies VAT exemption
(**) 15 SEQUITUR Pi boards (10 anchor nodes, 5 tags), firmware and end-user applications are provided. Raspberry Pi are not included.

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Sequitur InGPS TDOA Demo Kit includes:

  • 15 Sequitur Pi boards
  • 5 licenses for Sequitur InGPS TDOA Demo firmware – tags (running on Raspberry Pi)
  • 10 licenses for Sequitur InGPS TDOA Demo firmware – anchors (running on Raspberry Pi)
  • Sequitur Manager software (Limited)
  • API examples (C, JAVA, Matlab)
  • Extensive technical documentation

Interface with user-developed applications

–    Fully programmable and operating through simple text commands via UDP interface for short time-to-product developments (example: “get node position”);
–    Platform. Matlab, JAVA and C++ examples provided;
–    Multiple clients and/or user-developed applications can simultaneously interrogate the SEQUITUR InGPS Manager;
–    Easy control of the Raspberry Pi UART and GPIO.

SEQUITUR Pi specifications:

–    Radio interface based on the Decawave© chipset implementing the IEEE802.11.4a UWB standard;
–    6 selectable frequency bands from 3.5 to 6.5 GHz;
–    Selectable data rates: 110 kbps, 850 kbps, 6.8 Mbps;
–    Compliant with FCC & ETSI UWB spectral masks;
–    Centimeter-level accuracy;
–    200+ m transmission range in favorable propagation conditions at 110 kbps;
–    Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi;
–    On-board 3D accelerometer;
–    On-board 3D gyroscope;
–    On-board 3D magnetometer;
–    On-board barometer;
–    Accessibility of Raspberry Pi UART, I2C and GPIO.

Demo Application is included in the InGPS Demo Kit.