UNISET technologies fit into a large variety of environments of the production chain, sharing the requirements of high quality control to get the most reliable products in order to trace back machine faults and critic behavior. This is called Industrial Internet of Things or Industry 4.0

Industrial Production

The UNISET systems are integrated in a modular and versatile fashion in every industrial manufacturing facility to monitor the movement of mechanical parts and avoid the damage caused by the malfunction to objects and persons or prevent downtime in the production pipelines. Our products BeltSentinel, SequiturKriptoClick  and InDrone are tailored for this.

Precision Agricolture

UNISET produces product traceability systems allowing to both producer and end user a fully certified process in terms of quality and traceability . Look at KriptoClick for your requirements.


UNISET develops miniaturized systems with high security cryptography in order to monitor and certify the presence of objects, door and windows opening or to manage high security control access. Furthermore, UNISET produces indoor and outdoor positioning systems for the home and industrial security. KriptoClick, Sequitur e InDrone are for your requirements.

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