UNISET originated from the convergence of players with two solid backgrounds: edge research and industrial production. UNISET embeds innovative technologies that just appeared into the marked with innovative industrial products, thanks to the merging of the experience in advanced research with that on mechanical manufacturing and business organization.

Our experience in the industrial manufacturing has made us understand how the innovative idea or revolutionary technology alone are not sufficient to create a successful product. The achievement of the target market must necessarily go through the validation of the customer, at least in the following key points:


New technologies should take your work to a tangible competitive advantage. Our products try to anticipate the international trends of new technologies.

Structural approach

Novel products should simplify the production and the company organization. It is our objective to take care of the end user providing products whose simplicity in application are much better that those in use.


The innovation fails if it creates uncertainty. Our objective is to achieve a full quality assurance of our products thanks to a precise control of the production and end user assistance.

UNISET is a spin-off  of the University of Bologna and affiliated with UNITEC s.p.a.

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